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At TAYLORS Property Specialists we may be a young and new business however we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated sales specialists, with a combined total of 134 years in the Real Estate Industry and more importantly, over 55 years in the local Whitsundays property market. Our most valued asset is our passion for what we do. We pride ourselves as being a boutique real estate company and not a franchise. This means we have the flexibility to make independent decisions which allow us to adapt to our market and customers’ needs without corporate restrictions.

Our ultimate goal at TAYLORS is to offer a level of service that our valued customers deserve. We have a clear aim to get the best possible outcome as efficiently as possible for our clientele.

We understand there is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work. At the same time ensuring we take advantage of the latest technology, sales and marketing techniques to maximise the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing campaigns.

One of our key values is honesty and integrity. The advice we provide to our customer will always be in their best interest. Ensuring their individual needs and circumstances are taken into consideration.

We aim to be a dynamic business with the freedom to change with the times and adapt to our local market’s circumstances as required. More importantly this will always be in the best interest of you, our customer.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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