Brad Sobott

Brad Sobott

Property Specialist

Brad Sobott has called the Whitsundays home since 2009 when he and his young family decided to leave behind the bustle of Sydney for a little while. A little while turned into a long while with the dawning realisation that the Whitsundays is a superb place to raise a family. 

Brad has anchored himself in the community ever since, participating in various local projects, charity events and providing extensive real estate knowledge with experience honed over a span of 20 years, including several operating his own real estate business. 

Complementing his sales expertise, Brad is also a professional auctioneer, having called in excess of 500 auctions, making him one of the Whitsunday region’s most experienced auctioneers. Whether in a private negotiation or on the podium, Brad has a reputation for extracting every last possible dollar. 

For a client engaging the services of a real estate specialist, experience certainly counts for a lot however, equally important is the attentiveness and sensitivity with which one is treated throughout the process. Brad deeply values the trust placed in him to assist in what is for many people one of their biggest transactions, and does his utmost to ensure the process is memorable for the right reasons. His vast experience in all market conditions (good and bad) also means he knows and employs the most effective strategies for the best outcomes. 

Brad has received countless awards and recognition for his past results but what he values most are the relationships formed and maintained with clients who have benefited from his services over the years. Providing for his family and creating more of these relationships is what drives him to make the best of everyday.